On The



- A screenplay by Adam Reiss -

- Inspired by the lyrics of The Menzingers -


A half-stoned love story stewed in malt liquor and punk rock featuring a jaded young man desperate for an escape and a reckless waitress chasing change in a radical way.

You can read, download, or print the entire screenplay below (seems to work best on desktop browsers by the way). After, you can send me your thoughts.

The album that started it all...

The album that started it all...


Hi. I'm Adam. I wrote a screenplay called "On the Impossible Future." I've created this website to share it with whoever might read it because I've been working on this for years and I've reached a point in the creative process where I desperately need fresh eyes to look it over and give me feedback. All of my friends are probably sick of reading drafts (even if they're too nice to tell me).

I started this in 2012 as an assignment for a university screenwriting class. The album "On the Impossible Past" by The Menzingers had come out February of that year and I found myself, like many people, deeply in love with the damn thing. I listened to it endlessly and each time I couldn't help but notice a story threading through the lyrics, unable to figure out exactly what that story might be. Tasked with writing a screenplay for my class, I decided to turn my musical obsession into productivity and flesh out what I imagined the story hidden in those lyrics to be.

I finished the first draft in November of 2012 and eagerly sent it to my dad's cousin, who is a highly accomplished screenwriter, for feedback. He said, "You can write well--that's half the battle--but this is not a good movie." He gave me a ton of useful advice. I took this advice to heart and spent the next few years writing and re-writing the screenplay again and again, adding stuff, chopping stuff, crying in corners of coffee shops and the library. 

Now, 4 years later, I feel like there's no more work I can possibly do on this without external feedback. So I post it here, at the mercy of strangers on the internet, hoping for the best and expecting not much.

So please. Give it a read. Tell me what you think. Whatever amount of effort you put into this--thank you. I sincerely appreciate it. I hope you enjoy it.



Got feedback? Criticism? Compliments? Advice? Confused? Excited? You want to buy the screenplay? You want to heavily modify the screenplay and turn it into a porn or maybe a rom-com? Are you Netflix? Have a moral dilemma? Curious about my favorite beer? Something else? Go ahead and send me an e-mail and I'll do my best to write you back.


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